Hollie Crossan

Property Manager

About me

Hollie is passionate about helping people and performing her duties to the highest standard for both the business and her landlords alike. With her exceptional communication skills and diligent management style, Hollie has already proven to be a valued member of the Ipswich Real Estate team.
Hollie is a natural leader, when she speaks people listen.

Hollie brings a wealth of knowledge in customer care, management systems, and is always happy to help others or offer advice. She has an infectious laugh and naturally rises her teammates up if they are having a tough day. If there’s a lot of laughter in the office we normally find that Hollie was the instigator, and the team loves it!

Hollie excels in all aspects of property management, understanding industry best practice, legislation but most importantly, how to best serve our clients.
If we had a department of fun and laughter, the tile of department manager would go to Holle.

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