Rental Market in Full Swing!


Rental Market in Full Swing!

If you don’t already know, the rental market has exploded! Enquiry is at an all time high and vacancy is at an all time low – we know that the hunt for a suitable rental property can be difficult at the best of times, so here are some helpful tips on making you and your application stand out from the crowd!

1. Get your application in early, before you view the house (unless the agency specifically states this is not OK). This gives the Property Managers time to go over your application prior to the inspection and this can help with selecting a tenant after an inspection has happened.

2. Make sure your application is complete! If you’re applying with a friend/relative/partner, make sure their application is completed and lodged at the same time. Make sure you have all your ID, pays lips attached and your references and current/previous addresses noted down. Having to chase up extra ID or information slows down the process.

3. Reference. Give all your references a heads up that we will be calling, this reduces the amount of time/s we may need to call a reference. Also, make sure your references are happy to be on your application. If any of them have preferred times to be contacted then put that in there too.

4. Attending property viewings. We love to meet our prospective tenants, so be sure to attend the inspection. Manners, courtesy and being dressed well goes a long way!

5. Follow up after appropriate time has passed. If you’ve submitted your application on the weekend, don’t ring the Real Estate at 9am on Monday morning to see how it’s going. Allow some time for processing, if you’ve submitted a fully completed application then the property manager should be processing it and getting it off to the owner, this can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours (and that’s if the owner responds quickly). Some owners may not want to approve an application until after the applicant has viewed the property or until after at least 1 viewing has been held at the property.


The above is general advice and basic, it will no way guarantee you get the next property you apply for, but it will help boost your application towards the top of the pile!

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