Routine Inspections - What To Do?!?!


Routine Inspections - What To Do?!?!



Preparing for an upcoming Routine Inspection


We know that your upcoming routine inspection can be a bit daunting at time – “have we done enough?” “what if we missed something” “oh no, the kids split something and they’ll be here in 5 minutes!”. Hopefully the following list can help make the inspection a little less stressful for you and reflect positively at your next inspection.

1.      Should I stay or should I go? We don’t mind either, after all we are entering your home – feel free to stick around or head out, which ever is the most comfortable for you.

2.      A quick walk around the house to pick up anything that has fallen out of place goes a long way. We understand we might be interrupting your usual routine and sometimes life happens, if the kids spill a cup of drink or the dog rips up his favorite toy in the back yard, that is OK – we can tell when something has just happened.

3.       Some things that we look at (but not limited to) that you may not think about are: Window/door tracks and window sills. Condition of carpet and cleanliness of tiles. Clothing and possessions neatly organize (clothes in a clothes basket are fine!). Bathroom and kitchen sinks being organized and clean. Hand grab areas on doors and walls being marked from hands. Has the lawn been edged, weeds removed and mowed. Oil leaks on the driveway from vehicles.

4.       A quick wipe down of surfaces (such as the kitchen bench, bathroom counter tops) helps with the overall presentation of the house. Any spills should be wiped/vacuumed up as well.

5.       Incense and oil burners – despite the pleasant smell they might provide for you, they are often used to high undesirable smells (smoking/pets inside etc). It’s more beneficial to have these devices off in the lead up to your inspection, put them on after we leave.

6.       We have a job to do. After the initial pleasantries when we get there and after you’ve shown us anything important (maintenance, something you might be repairing etc), please give us some space to do out job. We do a more accurate job when undistracted and we appreciate your understanding with this

7.       Put away any photos/possessions you don’t want on show. The photos we take are strictly for the ours and the owners use only but if you have anything you’d rather not have photographed then move it away into a subtle location such as under the bed or in a wardrobe.

8.       Understanding the scheduling process and changing your routine date/time. Due to the tight schedule we run on, adjusting the routine day/time is near on impossible – you are given significant notice of us coming so unless a major emergency has happened or someone is sick, we need the inspection to stick to the scheduled dates.

We hope that at least one of these tips helps with your next routine inspection.

Keep an eye out for our next Blog on Reporting Maintenance!


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