4K 3D Virtual Tours - Hot Topic!


4K 3D Virtual Tours - Hot Topic!



4K 3D Virtual Tour by Matterport – The Complete Walk-through!


Getting the marketing right on your investment property its crucial, it helps source good quality tenants, makes the property look and feel attractive and it will also make sure you secure the best possible return from your investment.

One of the ways that Ipswich Real Estate helps makes sure your investment is presented in the best possible way is with a 3D Virtual Tour, finished in high quality 4K imaging. The 3D Tour allows your potential tenant to view the property as if they were in person – this has been a great tool for all the interstate movements that have been happening recently.

Your 3D Tour is saved on file and can be used time and time again – another great benefit is that if you decide to sell in the future, its already done and ready to go for your sale campaign.

We are currently offering this service for free with all new managements, a saving of $600 – if you’d like to know more about the 3D Tour or our Property Management Services then contact us today! 

P.S. This offer is also available for all our For Sale properties as well!



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